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Choose the most thriving business applications
for your growing business!

IOS Development

Choose the most thriving business applications for your growing business!

iOS app, iPhone, iPad and Mac

iOS is a mobile operating system created and developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its hardware. It is the operating system that powers many of the company’s mobile devices, including the iPhone and iPod Touch. It is the world’s second-most widely installed mobile operating system, after Android. It is the basis for three other operating systems made by Apple: iPadOS, tvOS, and watchOS. It is proprietary software, although some parts of it are open source under the Apple Public Source License and other licenses.
In the era of developing applications that are dominated by iOS and Android, both mobile platforms are widespread and devices belonging to two of them are used by millions of people around the world. However, when it comes to developing applications for your business, with which you can interact with your target audience, you need to select the best of these two platforms if it cannot work for the two.
Very often, the development of iOS business applications proves to be more productive, especially in the US and the United Kingdom. This is because a large number of people have access to the iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices in these countries. These are the main reasons why you need to develop iOS applications for your business.

Our team of developers is experienced with all kinds of programming languages and the apps we build are available for all iOS platforms like Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. It is time to differentiate yourself from the usual competition and set new standards in the industry.

iOS app services in business development

Apple as the brand name

Apple itself has a big name in ios technology. I think it is in monopoly if we talk about the iOS system. Apple has gained credibility in its iOS system services.
Mobile apps invention did a major change to the technology sector. In your routine life, you have some kind of experience in mobile apps and their usage/advantages over websites. Mobile applications are faster, users can personalize their contents, mobile apps offer online and offline access, mobile apps can use device OS features, helps to improve productivity, and cost reductions are some examples of benefits of using mobile apps.


When contrasted with Android, iOS symbols of a larger part of the applications are much engaging. They are planned progressively and few applications show warnings even without marking in. This aids in business correspondence quickly and all the more productively with clients, They have an assortment of extremely alluring plans. So a finance manager can enlist an application engineer to foster an iOS application to foster his business among the clients by all means with the assistance of innovation

Exceptional reach

It is likewise significant for an organization to draw in new clients to help deals. For specialized crowds, iPhone was consistently an engaging gadget. Organizations can work on their compass for these individuals utilizing a very much created iPhone application. Imagining an organization’s iOS application is an inventive method for exhibiting an organization that can further develop brand acknowledgment. If an iPhone application is intriguing and responsive, you have incredible viewpoints that are steady. An application engineer will assist in making an application with the elements which are normal by the clients and to the next level by upgrading extra elements to the generally existing iOS application.

High level of security

The iOS stage is known for its significant degree of safety. This is the greatest benefit a business can procure from the iOS stage. With high-level security, an iOS application is immune from security dangers, malware, and infections.
At Arkevo, our iOS application Development department that sees how to construct a custom iOS application that will help your income and move your organization to a higher level. Reach out and let’s convert your thought into a profoundly natural IOS application.


Keep your Business data safe and stay organized with the Android (operating system) features.


Keep your Business data safe and stay organized with the Android (operating system) features.

Android apps

When a device goes from just working to actually making life easier, Android is behind it. It’s the reason your GPS avoids traffic, your watch can text and your Assistant can answer questions. It’s the operating system inside 2.5 billion active devices. Everything from 5G phones to stunning tablets, Android powers them all.
Android is open to everyone: developers, designers and device makers. That means more people can experiment, imagine and create things the world has never seen.

With Android, protection is thoughtfully built into everything you do. Like downloading apps, browsing the web and choosing to share data. If anything seems off, like a bad app or a harmful link, we’ll alert you and give you tips on what to do next. And our powerful internal security guards your device and data. So that you stay protected, even when you’re not using your phone.

Google Safe Browsing lets you explore the web with confidence, protecting you from dangerous websites and malicious files. We warn you if you try to navigate to a bad website or file, getting you to safety so you don’t encounter malware or a phishing scam. Because you shouldn’t be tricked into handing over your private data.

Android app services in business development

Brand recognition and expansion

Mobile apps help to enhance brand image quickly. Now you might be wondering how a mobile app can recognize a brand?
Well, to answer that question, when a user downloads your app, it means they are expecting something impressive. Offer them valuable services your users are looking for rather than giving non-relevant information.
On the other hand, every business wants to top in their industry. And having an Android mobile app helps in exposing your business to the market. Moreover, you can retain many customers if you are offering mobile app solutions. Henceforth, a mobile app helps you with brand recognition which results in increasing profit.

Direct marketing

Effective marketing is an essential part to boost your business. We have seen numerous growth in the usage of technology. This makes us forget all the old marketing techniques. You don’t have to hire any salesperson to get aware of your business.
Now, an Android mobile app can do marketing for your business.
You can send promotional offers and discount coupons to your customers through the mobile app. This will help in grabbing the attention of the customers.

Better customer service

Seamless and better customer service leads to customer satisfaction. And that’s the important factor we need to consider for any business. Here, mobile apps have taken customer services to the next level.
With AI, now a mobile app can have a chatbot feature that communicates with customers for their queries. This online assistant – chatbot helps in answering the questions of a customer. As a result, the customer is satisfied with the prompt response making them choose your services over and over.

Increased revenue and accessibility

Generating more revenue is the ultimate goal of every business. You can’t generate greater revenue without having a mobile app. Therefore, an Android mobile app is the most effective way to increase the profit of your business.
Using mobile apps, businesses can reach a vast demographic of customers, across borders and with minimal cost.
Through mobile apps, you can reach your customers very easily. However, it’s not possible to reach each customer manually and let them know the services you are offering.
The smartphone users are tremendously high. This helps in increasing the accessibility of your business to the customers.