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The Power of Influence Hidden Behind Video Cartoons!


The Power of Influence Hidden Behind Video Cartoons!

Video Animation

Videos are the most versatile content type interacting with the human psyche. We, humans, perceive the information from the video at the audial and visual levels simultaneously. It gives us a more comprehensive view of the subject and a better understanding of the key message.

Using animation can help a brand convey a simple message or explain complex concepts in a cost-effective and visually appealing way. Animation is very versatile and can be included in your marketing strategy in several ways, from adding it to your website to a short brand animation in an email campaign.

Arkevo’s animated explainer can help customers understand the value of your product or service. For instance, it can show how to use a product feature or answer common questions about a service.

Logo Animation

Animated Logos Increase Brand Awareness. One of the most important functions of a logo is to create and promote brand awareness. This is one of the main reasons why companies choose to invest in an animated logo. Animated logos are both more memorable and more recognizable to consumers than static logos. It may take a consumer several interactions with a static logo to have any recognition whatsoever, while an animated video logo will often imprint immediately in the consumer’s mind.

A professionally-made logo animation will help you create a strong and lasting first impression of your brand. Animated logos can help you catch your viewer’s attention right from the first second and make them stick with you and see what you have to say.

Introduce your brand, channel, or business with a spectacular logo animation that draws the eye! Use the flexible tools of our animated logo maker to create logo animations that fit well with the theme of your brand within minutes.

Animation in your marketing plan

Arkevo’s creative production team specialized in animation and motion graphics will help you in choosing the right animation type-plan that fully fits your company’s needs.

Brand animations

A brand animation is a short animation that shows the world what your company is all about. It goes beyond explaining in words and text and also uses visuals and music to inspire an emotional reaction from your audience.


Micro-animations in your web design can show users the results of a desired action and progress. It’s also useful in mobile design, where space for images, buttons, and icons is scarce. Using micro-animation helps users navigate your site, getting them where they want to go faster, but also keeps them engaged by making your site feel more interactive.

3D animation
3D animation is prevalent in advertising, especially consumer tech. Chances are the last time you were drooling over a new cell phone commercial, it looked so good because of 3D animation. If 3D animation has the power to make a garbage bin look good, think of what it could do for your product.